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Our mission.

What is LIFT's mission? It's raison d'etre?

Personal flight is one of humanity's most enduring aspirations, but flight has historically been available only to a privileged few: those with the time and money to fly traditional aircraft.

Not anymore.

We believe in a future where everyone can fly. And that future starts right now.

Leveraging advancements in distributed electric propulsion, autonomous flight control systems, and the latest in battery technology, LIFT is making the joy and utility of personal, vertical flight accessible to everyone.

We begin with an entertainment experience under the FAA’s Ultralight classification (no pilot's license required), and in the future, a certified aircraft for urban transport. We want to unlock the skies for all. To see the world from a new perspective. And ultimately get where we're going without the risk and headache. To free ourselves from the ground.

To quote an old favorite, Roads...? Where we're going, we don't need... roads.


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