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Test, test, and test again.

At LIFT Aircraft, we're all about testing. Even our blog. A sincere thanks to those who may have received several notifications for this post, which we've tested and changed.

And while theory and contemplation are useful, when it comes to building machines that defy gravity, the proof is in the test. Why? Because at the heart of science and engineering are the following words, 'Does it really work?'

The Wright Brothers also believed in testing. Just years after Lord Kelvin, a luminary in science at the time, noted, "Heavier-than-air machines are impossible," the Wrights proved Kelvin wrong. That would be like someone saying space travel was impossible in the 1950's. In a world without computational fluid dynamics on a desktop computer, or the internet, they achieved this through careful testing.

The Wrights first built gliders, like the one shown below.

The Wright brothers testing their second glider.

They even built their own wind tunnel, capable of generating up to 30 mph wind in a fairly controlled environment. It was a small wooden box, but it provided results that were real. Results that changed the face of aviation.

At LIFT, we believe that humanity is on the cusp of the next big step in aviation. And so we test. And we test. Then, we adjust. And when we're done, we test again. Only through testing can we better understand if what we predict will happen.

These days you'll find our engineering and design team testing and fine-tuning our flight computers. When the pilot instructs the aircraft to rotate or rise and a gust blows, the aircraft must react with finesse. This can only be achieved through real-world tests.

We'll have more tests to come, and we're excited to share those with you. Note: For those with questions about the tour: While we can't wait to fly with you, it is imperative that safety tests be done before manned flights with the public. As fun as flying is, safety is absolutely the most important thing. In the meantime, be on the lookout for something cool from us in your mailbox...

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