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LIFT takes off! Our Public Launch.

We’ve launched!

After years of work, design, and engineering, we’re proud to show the world what we’ve been working on. A completely new form of recreational flight and, one day, transportation.

Introducing, HEXA: a manned multi-rotor ultralight capable of carrying a crew of 1.

Above, you’ll find our full-scale, operational prototype. Carefully designed to be robust and agile, it has 18 motors with a full carbon fiber frame. HEXA is capable of the kind of flying you see in drones: hover, rotate, ascent, and descent.

What’s more - HEXA can be flown by you. Yes, you.

Is it safe? HEXA has ample safety features (geo-mapping, a simple control interface, and a safety pilot on the ground). HEXA conforms to the FAA Ultralight Standards, which means that it’s lightweight, is designed to be flown by pilots and non-pilots alike. We’ll have a comprehensive training seminar and simulator before people fly.

One of the best comparisons that’s been made is to indoor skydiving.

The unique element about LIFT is that the public will be able to fly this within years, not decades. As it says in our press release, We didn’t want to wait for major technology or regulatory breakthroughs to start flying. We're starting here.

Reserve your flight for our upcoming USA tour here.

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