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HEXA Floats!

Just a few weeks ago, the LIFT team performed a critical safety test. A floatation test.

At LIFT, we're all about safety. And so, we decided to test how our aircraft responds to water. This was a primarily static test, designed to test how the aircraft handles after having touched down.

We added weight in the cockpit to simulate a passenger. The good news is that HEXA is very stable under calm water conditions. And there's room to spare.

One major lesson is that we'll have to have limits for the water conditions for flying as well. We want to maintain a strong safety buffer by flying over water that is fairly calm (not too choppy). While we work to ensure that a water landing isn't necessary, in flight, it's always important to plan for every contingency.

Overall, we were very happy with the outcome of this test, and there will be more to come as we prepare for our upcoming tour.


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