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COVID-19 Update

Stay safe.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, we hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe. At LIFT, safety is our top priority, and we wish you all well during this difficult time.


Due to the nationwide mandate for social distancing, limitations on travel, and impact to our HEXA aircraft production and safety testing, we are forced to postpone the start of our 25 city U.S. tour. Based on what we know, we hope to be able to reschedule for a fall start and are exploring how to accelerate the tour and fly with you as soon as possible.

Like everyone else, we don't know how long this pandemic and its effects will last. Even so, we are monitoring the situation and will post updates on the tour as soon as we are able. Flying with you is so important to us, but more important is the safety of all involved.


We are using the extra time to do even more testing and development. Like much of the rest of the world, our team is working from home, but we continue to make a lot of progress bringing the HEXA flying experience to life. Stay tuned for some exciting updates in the near future.

Above all, stay safe.

This is a challenging time for all, and we urge everyone to take good care of themselves and others. Our world will never be the same. But we will get through it. And when we do, we will be here to share the magical experience of human flight with you.

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