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“There’s just no words!” Watch this pilot’s reaction to piloting HEXA!

This HEXA pilot had never even heard of LIFT Aircraft until the day she trained and flew!

When Alicia arrived at our Operations Center near Austin, TX, she had no idea what was in store. Her husband had invested through StartEngine, qualifying to participate in our Early Access Beta Flight Program. He teamed up with our staff and arranged the flights as a complete surprise - part of a wedding anniversary celebration!

When they arrived at our location, HEXA was in the field ready for their flights. We loved being part of the surprise! We gave Alicia an overview of the morning and after a brief orientation, flight training began. About one hour later, Alicia piloted HEXA! Everyone who flies HEXA has absolutely loved it, but when we captured Alicia’s reaction right after she landed, we know we had to share it. You can watch it below (and you can’t help but smile!).


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