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A roadmap for our USA tour.

Flight is an experience that's meant to be shared, and so, we are embarking on a tour of the United States to do just . We've listed 25 cities to reserve your HEXA flight, no pilot's license required.

So... when are we touring? Soon. But not too soon. We will only begin when we believe HEXA is ready for you. Safety is everything. And there's always more time to fly. That said, we want to get you in the cockpit ASAP. If all continues according to plan, we are on-schedule to begin flights near our Austin HQ toward the end of this year. After Austin, we'll continue our tour (more on where soon).

Before we visit, we're doing a few important things.

1) Test the heck out of our aircraft - flight testing, software testing, parachute testing (the entire aircraft has a parachute, which is awesome), contingency planning, materials testing. And when that's all done, we're going to test some more.

Why? Because, again, safety is of the utmost importance. Since the early days of flying, there has been risk. And while there is risk in every undertaking, we do our level-best to manage and mitigate the risk before we fly. We are pilots and have flown small aircraft. On every flight, attention to detail is paramount. To rush is to invite risk. Instead, we are prepared, careful, and methodical.

Weather patterns are vital to consider.

2) Check the weather. We fly only in good weather (no rain, high winds, or storms.) We'll see what the weather patterns are for your location and decide the best time of year to come.

3) Scale up. We are working with some amazing partners who do military-grade manufacturing to make HEXA. Precision is paramount and we're working to ensure that every HEXA is both airworthy and beautiful.

Before the tour, we will keep you apprised of milestones and goings-on on our end - check the blog for our monthly post. And of course, if you ever have questions, don't hesitate to email us at


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