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LIFT Receives Notice of Allowance from USPTO for HEXA Patent

We’re excited to announce that our utility patent application titled “Aircraft with Distributed Power System, Distributed Control System, and Safe Deployment Mechanism for Ballistic Recovery System” has been approved for issuance by the USPTO after almost three years in review.

HEXA’s innovative design features several novel weight saving and safety enhancing features that we believed to be worthy of patent protection - and the USPTO now officially agrees!

Key elements of the intellectual property covered under this patent include:

  • Our distributed battery pack system

  • Our radially distributed float system with central float beneath the pilot

  • Our ballistic parachute deployment system

  • Our flight control system blending autonomous functions with manual pilot inputs

  • Our flight control system with a geo-caged flight area with autonomous takeoff and landing, collision avoidance, and emergency landings in predefined safe zones

We’re pleased to have passed the USPTO review and to be approved for issuance. This is an important milestone in the development of our aircraft and will make our business significantly more defensible.

(U.S. Patent Application number 16/708,283)


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