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Dec 15, 2018
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Clearly the FAA is being permissive with VTOL ultralights, but by a plain reading of the ultralight rules, remotely operating an ultralight is not allowed. 14 CFR 103.1: An ultralight vehicle is "used or intended to be used for manned operation in the air by a single occupant." In plain English, this definition seems to exclude anyone other than the single occupant operating the aircraft. Further, 103.21 seems to prohibit autonomous operation or, potentially, operation by line of sight from the ground. " No person may operate an ultralight vehicle except by visual reference with the surface." Do you have a 103.5 waiver similar to the ultralight instructor waiver? Do you have a favorable interpretation in writing from FAA headquarters? A single FSDO wouldn't be enough, since you're proposing national operations.
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