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New York City, NY

One (1) flight in our groundbreaking Hexa ultralight aircraft - no pilots license is required.


WHAT TO EXPECT: You will watch our safety video, receive safety training, learn the basic flight controls in our Virtual Reality simulator, perform guided preflight checks with our ground crew, receive a flight briefing from your remote safety pilot and then you'll fly in our geofenced, controlled flight area for up to 15 minutes (8-15 minutes). The whole experience will last 2-3 hours.


This booking is refundable at any time for any reason. Flights in your city will be offerred in the order reservations are received - you will be able to schedule your flight within at least a 30 day window. If, for any reason, you cannot schedule your flight or otherwise change your mind, you can cancel and receive a full refund. Reservations are transferable and available to adults age 18 and up. A signed liability waiver will be required required before flight.


Thank you for helping LIFT Aircraft take flight! We believe in a future where everyone can fly and we're so grateful for your support. We have a special gift for our advance reservation holders - please provide your mailing address below.

New York City, NY

$249.00 Regular Price
$149.00Sale Price
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