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New Landing Gear.

HEXA has updated landing gear.

HEXA lives up to its name in another way. We've gone from 4 legs to 6.

This enhances flight stability and strength. The name of the game in aviation is safety. And a major component of safety is redundancy. What happens when something breaks? Well, ideally, you have something extra. In this case, more legs = more redundancy = more safety.

Another shot of HEXA, about to go airborne.

Note: As we're rolling through these changes, you'll see that HEXA is primarily black. We love the natural carbon fiber look too, but we'll paint HEXA before long, because heat from the sun is a real thing. The new landing gear is, like the rest of HEXA, made almost entirely of carbon fiber - super light and strong. The prior design used the legs as airfoils (micro-wings), but at full-speed, only provided about 30 lbs. of lift. There were bigger and fewer legs. Now, we have a more stable, more effective design. Also, it floats... really well. (more soon on that front...)

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