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LIFT goes to MARS.

Jeff Bezos checks out HEXA.

MARS is a yearly event hosted by Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. MARS brings together innovative minds in Machine learning, Automation, Robotics, and Space to share new ideas across these rapidly advancing domains.

That's how the MARS Conference website describes the event. We were honored to be invited this past year. So, we took HEXA out to Palm Springs.

Our founder, Matt Chasen, talking about HEXA at the MARS Conference.

We shared how we 3D-printed massive molds to make our carbon fiber airframe, what a vertical future looks like, and even showed HEXA to Jeff (see above). He wants to fly too.

Conferences like this one demonstrate the phenomenal progress of technology. Like any tool, it’s what we do with it that counts. Our goal is to help people experience the magic of flight and one day, circumvent traffic and explore anew.

The look on Mr. Bezos’ face is the kind we all have the first time we fly: pure joy. That’s what we want to share with the world - with you.


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