Beta Flights Have Begun in Austin.

Our first beta flight.

Before launching the tour, we're dialing in the experience. One key way we're doing this is by seeking the feedback of experts.

Colin Guinn of Guinn Partners, a LIFT Aircraft advisor, and of Amazing Race fame (so cool!), recently flew with us. We captured this video of his maiden voyage. As Colin says, “The stoke level is super high!”

These expert beta flights are so important as we iron out the profile and mission characteristics for our first flights. Feedback is essential, and we put it all right back into our flight experience.

In other news...

We have made significant improvements and adjustments on the engineering side:

- A stronger and lighter airframe

- More reliable, efficient, and quiet FOC (field-oriented control) motor controllers

- Redesigned landing gear for greater balance and stability

- The addition of a 4th dissimilar, redundant flight computer

Lastly, keep an eye out for developments on our Austin location. We can't announce yet, but we've got some exciting developments coming up for 2020.

Onward and upward,

The LIFT Aircraft Team.

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