Apr 9

ETA Please :-)


I am so excited about doing this as soon as possible, already signed up and paid ! ! Please let me know asap what dates will be set for Seattle, Wa. I'm also VERY interested in the franchising opportunities and cost of the units. Can you please send some more detailed info to robertkendrick@iheartmedia.com ?

Hi Rob - So great to hear your excitement! It will truly be a bucket list experience - I think will be one of the most exciting experiences that people have in their lives. Seattle is in our top 5 for advance bookings so will be one of the first cities we visit on our U.S. tour. We are working really hard on flight testing and have a lot of work to do to get the aircraft ready and into production, as well as build out the VR training program and end to end experience. We plan to start the tour by the end of this year - but we can't yet share a specific schedule for each city. Stay tuned...

We are exploring partnership opportunities with established entertainment/venue operators in quite a few different cities. Fill out the Partners for in the footer and we'll follow up with you...

I filled out the partners info tab a while back and have not heard anything. We run a hotel in saint Augustine Florida.

I work for iHeart Media (102.5 KZOK) in Seattle and can set you up with on-air marketing, but, I'm actually interested in individual franchise opportunities.

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