Jan 12

Getting it all in place ?


Edited: Jan 12

Hi Matthew

Please can you give me some steps as to what needs to happen for this to become reality in my city.

I want this to take off and i can provide my time and effort to make this happen.

I just need a connection with you guys, if you can reply to this post or email me on chsnym@gmail.com it would be very much appreciated.

Kind Regards Charl

Hi Charl, thanks for reaching out. We're working hard to bring LIFT to cities across the country as quickly as possible. We're assessing demand in 25 candidate cities by opening up a waitlist for flights and allowing interested people to inquire about memberships. We'll prioritize our launch and expansion based on the number of advance reservations and memberships in each city. We're also talking to partners who want to open LIFT franchises. The best way to help make this a reality in your city is to join our waitlist! www.liftaircraft.com/reservations

Thanks Matthew


My case is "special" as i am from South Africa. I would love to talk about the possible franchise opportunity, i am partnered with Sun International: www.suninternational.com which have tourist destinations throughout the country so this will without a doubt be extremely successful, please if you can send me some details to chsnym@gmail.com


Kind Regards



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