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FAA Part 107


This is exciting tech but if I needed to take the FAA Part 107 test to receive my certification/pilot lic. for commercial unmanned drone operation, how could I possibly not be required to have a pilots license to operate this aircraft?

Part 103 Ultralight regulations were developed by the FAA for very lightweight aircraft with limited operational use for recreation and sport only - same category as hang gliders, powered parachutes, powered fixed wing, powered helicopter and gyros, lighter than air (balloons, etc.), powered trikes, unpowered gliders, sailplanes, etc.. Here is more info from the EAA: https://www.eaa.org/en/eaa/aviation-interests/ultralights

The FAA provides extra weight allowances for safety equipment like parachutes and floats, which we utilize to enhance the safety of the aircraft.

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Hi guys, great discussions here. Do you know how much time it would be the flight period at full load, and do you have any information about the noise leve (dBaA) @ 150 feet ? Thanks in advance.

We haven’t released those exact specs yet.

The best product advertisement I've ever seen on the internet, the idealizer believes so much in his product that answers questions in forums open to discussions, it's the General going to the front of the battle .. Congratulations on the product and the courage!

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