Jan 10

Exciting opportunities

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This new emerging eVTOL market will create exciting new opportunities for people. Not only for the people designing and building these aircraft and infrastructure, but even wider than that. If I was 20 years younger I would definitely have tried to move into this field.

An interesting thing I read yesterday in an article about the Bell Nexus VTOL is that they will initially be piloted by "minimally trained" pilots. Seeing that there are constantly talks about an "airline pilot shortage", it is good that urban air taxis will not dip too much into that pool.

Being a pilot trained specifically to fly eVTOL air taxis is a whole new job market that will open up. It may not be as prestigious or well paying as airline pilot jobs, but it will be an opportunity for those who dream of flying, but cannot afford the training costs. It may even be a stepping stone for those who eventually want to move into airline jobs. On the other hand, I do wonder what the term "minimally trained" means and how being certified to fly passengers in an urban environment will happen. We live in exciting times.

Yes, we agree! These are very exciting times in aviation. The FAA and EASA are working on certification requirements for commercial use of eVTOL aircraft. It may take some number of years for eVTOL certification basis and means of compliance to develop for larger, commercial aircraft. We believe certain configurations of these aircraft can be made extremely safe, and we're excited to help advance this new industry.

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