Apr 26

eVTOL knowledge


How to learn from scratch about what constitutes different parts of an eVTOL aircraft. Will a traditional aeronautical education be helpful? I didn't find books on this topic. Recommended books for a beginner?


You won't find a lot of published information on eVTOL aircraft since they are so new and there is a lot of research and development happening right now - but you can find plenty of information on small multi-rotor drones. eVTOL aircraft are really just scaled up versions of small drones and generally use the same components.

Hi Mathew, I have already paid to reserve my spot in Seattle many months ago. Since I paid you, I have received no communication at all from your company. In behalf of myself & all those folks who have already paid to reserve a spot & who have created a profile on your website and are eagerly awaiting a flight location, date & time, a monthly progress email would be very nice. (First as a courtesy to your customers who paid in advance but also for several other reasons I wont mention here)

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