Apr 14

Electrical Specs


I love the concept. I have 35 stick hours in coffee grinders and do fly drones for fun. This looks like flying myself for fun, drone-style. I read the specs and the range/duration of flight is similar to my DJI Spark ;-) It explains why this is marketed as an experience (similar to California Soaring @ Disney, but much more exhilarating of course) vs a commuter vehicle. I am curious about electrical power. I presume power is supplied by 18650 Lipos, the same you find in a TESLA wall. Roughly 12kWH per 50KG net. What is the power consumption, say for a 180lb person in 20 degree Celsius 5-10kts wind conditions at sea level? What I am getting at, is whether adding batteries is a proposition of diminishing returns.

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  • Sincere apologies. Our discussion forum was attacked by spammers in May - thousands of fake accounts and tens of thousands of fake postings were created by spam bots. It has taken a while to get this cleaned up but we back open for discussion!
  • How to learn from scratch about what constitutes different parts of an eVTOL aircraft. Will a traditional aeronautical education be helpful? I didn't find books on this topic. Recommended books for a beginner?
  • Hey, Guys. I didn’t find the LIFT App in the iPhone App Store. What is the ETA on being able to check out the app? Super excited about this whole concept!

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