Jan 13

Controled Fight?


You might want to have a qualified person proofread your website. I saw several careless mistakes.

Appreciate the feedback - we'll do a more thorough scrub for typos and spelling mistakes! Please let us know exactly what you've found.

Are there plans to open the market in Canada? If so,I am very interested in getting involved or partnering up.

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  • Sincere apologies. Our discussion forum was attacked by spammers in May - thousands of fake accounts and tens of thousands of fake postings were created by spam bots. It has taken a while to get this cleaned up but we back open for discussion!
  • How to learn from scratch about what constitutes different parts of an eVTOL aircraft. Will a traditional aeronautical education be helpful? I didn't find books on this topic. Recommended books for a beginner?
  • Hey, Guys. I didn’t find the LIFT App in the iPhone App Store. What is the ETA on being able to check out the app? Super excited about this whole concept!

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