HEXA is fun, but not just for fun.

When flown for public missions, HEXA saves time and saves lives.

Anyone can fly HEXA.

For good.


Help is on the way.

Air ambulance, blood & organ transport.

Get on-scene faster, avoiding traffic and obstacles.

Land anywhere with HEXA's small footprint. 

Transport patient directly when it matters most.

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Liftaircraft firefighter.jpg

First Response

Answer the call and get there first.

Disaster response, firefighting, emergency.

Provide targeted help with a bird's eye view.

Overcome traffic and other obstacles.

Optionally manned for added safety.

Search & Rescue

Take to the skies.

Water, fire, wilderness rescue.

95% of Coast Guard rescues are <20 mi offshore.¹

Provide lifesaving supplies: raft, rations, comms.

Capable of unmanned airlift evacuation.

Liftaircraft rescue 02.jpg
LIFT Public Safety Export 11-24-20.png

Public Safety

When lives are on the line, time matters.

Protect safety officials in the line of duty.

Rapid intra-city deployment.

Assess the scene more safely from above.

1/10th the cost of helicopters.​


Supporting our troops.

Extraction, insertion, medevac.

Low noise and heat signature.

Collapsible for transport via trailer and C-130.

Minimal training allows all troops to pilot HEXA.


"LIFT's modular HEXA platform can help save thousands of lives every year. Their eVTOL aircraft enables countless new missions for federal, state, and local government agency first responders. I can't wait."

Johnny Doo

Head of NASA Transformative Vertical Flight, Public Services Working Group 

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